MC02026-Karl Fischer Aquamicron AX

Coulometric Reagent Organic Solvent Karl Fischer Aquamicron AX (500ml)

Use:General samples

Minimal environmental contamination Does not include carbon tetrachloride or chloroform
Wide range of applications Suitable for petroleum products
Can be used with moisture vaporization method
(When using AQUAMICRON® AX or AXI in a moisture vaporization method, replenish the vaporized portion with methanol.)
High quality, high performance Excellent reputation for accurate moisture measurement and end-point stability
Approximately 800mg of moisture can be measured per 100mL of AQUAMICRON® AX or AXI, and approximately 150mg per 5mL of AQUAMICRON® CXU
Easy to use These products can be used in the existing coulometric moisture measurement system.