Portable Dew Point Meter Model XPDM

A portable, battery operated, hand-held dew point meter designed for applications for quick and accurate dew point measurements

Delivery Time for this product is 3-4 weeks!


Operating Principle
The XPDM dew point meter utilizes HTFTM aluminum oxide sensors which adsorb water molecules much faster than they desorb water molecules. It is therefore an advantage, if at the beginning of the measurement the dew point sensor is dryer than the gas sample to be measured.

The XPDM dew point meter keeps the sensor in dry storage until the measurement is taken. The sensor slides directly from the dry storage into the sample cell, without ever coming in contact with ambient air. After the measurement is completed, the sensor slides back into the dry storage, where it is dried down for the next sample.

SpanCheck™ Without Reference Standards
Our HTF™ high capacitance sensors have a very low residual capacitance when dry and saturate at a predesigned level of humidity above +20ºC (+68ºF). This allows a SpanCheck™ of the sensor by exposing the sensor to a saturated environment for one minute and adjusting the instrument to its upper range limit. It is preferred that the customer use a known gas to determine the saturated environment.

The advantages of this SpanCheck™ system are obvious:  Sensors can be field calibrated anywhere and anytime. Sensors do not have to be returned to the factory for recalibration, which also eliminates the need for a second stand-by sensor.


  • HTF™ Sensor Technology
  • Single Point Calibration
  • SpanCheck™ in the Field
  • Six Different Engineering Units
  • Extremely Fast Response
  • Portable Measurements
  • Special Long-Life Battery (100 hrs continuous)

Typical Applications

  • Electrical Insulating Gases
  • SF6 Moisture Measurements
  • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Cryogenic Gas Producers
  • Specialty Gas Producers
  • Welding & Joining Gas Measurement