Relative Humidity Transmitter - Hygrocontrol Type 86EX

The 86 EX is an Excellent, Flexible and Simple Analyzer for Measuring Humidity and Temperature providing an IS supply for the probes.

86 EX
The 86 EX uses fixed or remote mount probes offering both humidity and temperature measurements. All connectable probes are pre-calibrated and allow replacement without process shut downs. The transmitter is IP65 rated and supplies an intrinsically safe supply for the probes.

The units undergo a patented, software sustained, calibration procedure at up to 11 points over the full range. Certificates for RH and Temperature are available against either factory or international test standards.


  • High Precision & Long Term Stability
  • Flexible, Modular Components
  • Pre-calibrated Interchangeable Probes
  • Simple Operation & Maintenance
  • Calibration Possible by Customer
  • Displays RH, AH or Dew Point Values
  • Excellent Performance at Low Prices

Typical Applications:

  • Pharmaceutical Powder Conditioning
  • Food Packaging, Ripening, Storage and Transportation
  • Ceramic Drying
  • Clean Room Climate Control
  • Process Control in Environmental Chambers